Lumina Grand EC – A Well-Connected Lifestyle

lumina grand ec

Residents at Lumina grand ec are well served by an extensive bus network, making travel effortless to destinations not directly linked to MRT stations – whether that means going shopping nearby or touring outlying parts of town with ease.

Living near the JRL allows them to utilize more sustainable forms of transportation, contributing to Singapore’s vision of an eco-friendly future.


Bukit Batok offers an efficient infrastructure, making Lumina Grand EC ideally located within its bounds. A reliable bus network ensures residents can travel without difficulty to outskirts of the city or bustling shopping malls; thus enabling them to lead sustainable lifestyles while enjoying comfort and luxury of an EC home.

Families of school-going children will appreciate that Lumina Grand EC is located near several reputable schools, such as Dulwich College which boasts an international curriculum and modern amenities, or Keming Primary School known for encouraging creativity, innovation, and character growth among its students.

Jurong Region Line (JRL) will enhance Bukit Batok’s connectivity, allowing residents to work closer to home, reducing commute times and improving work-life balance. Furthermore, JRL should relieve congestion on existing North-South Line commuter lines, making commutes faster and more pleasant for its riders.


Residents at Lumina grand ec will experience the advantages of living an accessible lifestyle. With commercial progress in the form of Jurong Region Line (JRL) being brought to their area, property values could potentially increase and new opportunities opened up for residents.

Living near Bukit Batok and Jurong’s premier shopping centres makes all these things possible, while alleviating travel stress while creating space to experience vibrant city living without compromising convenience.

Families with young children will appreciate being nearby a selection of esteemed schools. For instance, Lumina Grand EC is conveniently situated nearby Dulwich College which provides world-class education with an international ethos tailored to students’ needs and numerous primary and secondary schools for easy accessibility; additionally this proximity saves parents on childcare expenses.


Lumina Grand EC’s prime location within Bukit Batok allows its residents to take full advantage of its top-tier educational institutions, such as Millennia Institute. This pre-university education institute offers courses designed to help its students discover their interests and capabilities while exploring a multitude of courses offered at this institution.

Keming Primary School stands out as an esteemed educational establishment known for fostering creativity, encouraging innovation and supporting character development. Situated nearby, this school features modern amenities as well as an exceptional team of teachers.

As part of Lumina Grand EC’s connectivity, the Jurong Region Line (JRL) will increase travel convenience, allowing residents to easily travel between core business areas, shopping attractions, and recreational hubs. By using MRT services instead of driving cars to reach these locations residents can reduce carbon emissions and lead healthier lifestyles; especially useful for those working nearby as they can easily reach their destinations via riding trains without worrying about parking issues and hassle.


Families with children will find Lumina Grand EC an appealing choice, thanks to its proximity to several esteemed schools such as Hillgrove Secondary School, Swiss School in Singapore Princess Elizabeth Primary School and St Anthony’s Primary School – saving time on school runs so parents can spend more quality time with their kids!

The Jurong Region Line (JRL) will help to enhance the region’s transport infrastructure, providing enhanced MRT lines, bus interchanges and road extensions that bring key destinations closer to residents’ homes such as shopping malls, dining enclaves and recreational areas.

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Lumina Grand EC offers residents access to an extensive network of buses, providing greater mobility between destinations without depending on MRT services. This will reduce residents’ carbon footprints while supporting national green initiatives.